Here are some new resources for you to explore while I find a permanent place for them on this wiki.

Five authors talk about their favorite teachers:

Here's a great site you will find easy and fun to use. Registration is quick, free and the site is simple to use.
Upload photos from your computer or an image hosting site, pick a theme and/or transition and you have a really cool slide show. You can also use their tools to rearrange your photos and add captions. Here's an example that used 34 images. What other ways could you use this particular transition in your curriculum? How about displaying photos after a field trip? I purposely set the transition to 'fast' on this example, but if it were slower, students would have time to guess predict what the animal is.

Thinfinity.org has thousands of lesson plans, interactive games, and video podcasts offering valuable resources to teachers, students, and parents all at no cost. Thinkfinity also provides provides online and face-to-face professional development as well as a variety of tools that allow teachers to familarize themselves with the site on their own. As a Thinkfinity trainer, I hope you will take a look at the site. If you would like to learn more about this valuable resource, let me know.

New copyright resources have been added to the copyright page. Check them out here or click the Copyright link to the left under Miscellaneous. There's a humorous video, teacher resources and lessons, games for students and more.


This site sent to me by Keri LeJeune is so much fun. Your kiddos will love create their wild selves.


Check out this very inspirational movie that would be good for the beginning of the year or a semester. And for more inspirational videos, go to Simple Truths.