This is an example of a Blabber. and you can create one yourself in just a few seconds using any image currently saved on your computer. Students can create blabbers as a culminating project for just about any research assignment. Are they doing animal research? Let them illustrated their animal then let the animal tell about himself/herself. Here's an example. Any report that a student might do can be done by a character that they have drawn and blabberized. Currently, you can download your blabber as a video for free. When you save it to your computer, make sure the name ends in .mpg (that is dot M P G). Delete any characters after the G if there are any.

Audio Issues - I have never personally experienced problems recording my audio for a blabber, but did have the exact problem mentioned hereat one of the schools. If you are having problems, check out their work around. We had 2nd graders record their audio using Window Sound Recorder (Start - All Programs - Accessories - Entertainment - Sound Recorder) and save their files to the network to easily upload using the 2nd audio option. If you need a "quiet" day, this requires students to be silent while each is recording.