It's certificate time again and this page has been designed to provide you with several resources to help you get started and finished in no time. There are many web sites that offer certificate generators with lots of designs to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

Online Certificates

For color printing:

Certificate Street Printing out award certificates has never been easier! Just download, fill out & print.
It is 100% free and no registration is required! Choose a certificate and click the download button. Edit the certificate template then print. That's all there is to it.

DyeTub has several certificates that you can completely customize by highlighted each line of text and replacing with your own. When you are finished, click the gray print button in the upper left corner. Make sure that when you choose the printer, click the 'preferences' button in the print window, then change the orientation to 'landscape'. This will ensure that the certificate completely fills the page.

Certificate Creator has several educational designs, too. It isn't necessary to join the site or pay for any certificates. Make sure you set your orientation to landscape.

For printing in black only:

Don't have a color printer? Print these simple certificates at Education World on colored paper. These certificates will open in Microsoft Word and should automatically print in landscape orientation.

Microsoft Templates

Microsoft has a great template site. By searching for 'school templates', I got these results. Unless you have Office 2007 at home, make sure you choose certificates that use earlier versions of Word and PowerPoint. Microsoft will check to see if Office 2007 is installed and if not, you will be unable to download a certificate created in 2007.

Do it Yourself

Here are some links to online instructions for creating certificates from scratch.
Using Microsoft Word

Mail Merge

Here's a presentation that explains how to use mail merge to personalize certificates for many students at one time. It refers to a certificate made in Word, but it could also be made with Publisher. And you don't have to create the certificate from scratch if you download one from online.