Kids love online jigsaw puzzles. In the past, I just searched for puzzles relating to a specific topic, like rocks, weather, owls, etc. But, now you can upload your own photos to Jigzone to create personalized puzzles for your students. Here's one of the butterfly life cycle for kindergartners that I created very quickly. It needs a bit of refining, but you get the point. Tip: Provide students with puzzles that reinforce learning by creating PowerPoint slides that illustrate key concepts. Then save the slides as jpg images and upload to Jigzone. Note: If you do not see puzzle pieces below, make sure your browser view has not been reduced. You should not be zoomed in or out.

The second puzzle was made from a PowerPoint slide that I created and saved as a jpg image.

The third puzzle is my dog Taylor. You can change the number and shape of pieces after the fact for any puzzle you create.

Each of these puzzles were embedded on this page. To embed a puzzle on your wikispace, blog, or website, do the following:
  1. Sing in to your jigzone account (the login link is in the lower left hand corner) or go directly to login or create a new account.
  2. Click on your My Puzzle album or other album you have created.
  3. Find the puzzle you want to embed and click Embed/Link. There are a number of options to choose from. I do not use the overflow options.
  4. Once you have chosen an option, copy the embed code and paste it into the html of your blog/wiki/webpage.

Hint - If you are using a large file size picture, you will want to re-size it before uploading. There are size limits on the photos you upload. For more information visit