Cyberbullying and Cybersafety are real concerns in today's world. This page will contain teacher and parent resources, lesson plans, and online activities for students. Until those are added, enjoy the games below.

CyberSafety Game (Note: the introduction to this game is going to begin automatically, then stop until you "Click to Begin. You can turn down your volume until then.)

Cyberbully Quiz

Shrink the Cyberbully Game

Internet Safety Game(There's more to this than concentration puzzles.)

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Professor Garfield is a collection of interactive games and activities for kids on online safety, cyberbullying, and coming soon: fact or opinion and forms of media. Each lesson is composed of three parts: watch, try, and apply. In the “watch” section, students watch a video starring Garfield and his friends. The video teaches an important Internet safety lesson. In the “try it” section, students are given a chance to play a game that checks for understanding and redirects thinking if students missed a concept. In the “apply it” section, students help a character from the video to make wise Internet safety decisions.