DragonSpace is the name of the CISD portal to teacher websites. The district has provided several templates for you to choose from when creating your web site....choose as few or as many as you need for your particular need. The following information should help you as you begin working on your web site.

Logging In

Teachers will log in to DragonSpace (https://dragonspace.southlakecarroll.edu/) using their Windows Active Directory username and password. That is the information you use each day to log in to the network. If you are a secondary teacher, please see your Instructional Technology Specialist for your user name and initial password. Here's a short video showing you how to log in. logging_in.avi
The first time you access your DragonSpace, you will need to complete a registration screen like this:

There are nine templates that you can choose from plus an option to create a Custom Template if necessary. They are listed under templates on the left hand side of the page. Think of these as the 'pages' to your web site. While you are logged in, all of the templates will appear, however, when parents or students access your web site, they will see only those templates that you have chosen to activate and enter data into. For instance, you may decide that you only need to use the Announcements, Calendar, Documents, and Links templates.

Additional information can be found on the Teacher Tutorial
or in this DragonSpace Handout.pdf.