Dragon Space teacher web pages are easy to use and offer a quick way for teachers to provide information, documents, links, a calendar and more to their students and parents.

If you have not been trained, or if you have attended training and have forgotten how to make changes to your web page, this teacher tutorial video will lead you through the process step by step. You can also view the video after you have logged into your DS web page by going to the District Home button in the top left hand corner and choosing Teacher Tutorial.

You can also download a DragonSpace Handout.pdf.

Student/Parent access to Dragon Space - https://dragonspace.southlakecarroll.edu/webPagesThis link does not currently exist on the district web site, but campus web managers will create links to the web pages directly from the campus web site.

Teacher access to create/edit a Dragon Space web page - https://dragonspace.southlakecarroll.edu Hover over the Web Pages button and choose Web Pages - Teacher Access. If you don't see the Web Pages button, click on Menus.

Note: If a teacher visits a web site from the parent access link, then attempts to log in, it is possible that the teacher will be viewing
a "Web Network" page. If that happens, just click the Logout button to return to the login page.

The following information is a compilation of tips and notes from various training sessions.

Notes on templates:

Dragon Space consists of several 'templates' that teachers can choose to enable or not on their home page. Parents and students will see only those templates or pages that the teacher has enabled.
If you enable a template and decide later to not use it, you can disable it. If you think you might want to use it again and you have entered a lot of information, choose the option to retain the data. Only the templates that have been enabled will appear for parents, students etc. A teacher will see every template, enabled or not, when logged in.

Notes on classes: Dragon Space gives the teacher the ability to create different classes. Secondary teachers who teach more than one subject or Encore teachers who teach more than one grade level might find this useful. However, when multiple classes are created, parents must choose a class before a home page is displayed.

I recommend that you don't add different classes unless there is a real need to have parents go to a specific class. An alternative to creating different classes is to create categories for the templates that contain information for different grade levels or subjects. For instance, in the "links" category, a self contained teacher might have categories for math, science, language arts, etc. Or a language arts teacher or librarian might have categories for different literature genres on the "books" template.

Notes on images:

Your homepage can contain one image that you upload from your computer. It is recommended that this image be no larger than 640x480 pixel. If you find that your image is too large, you can re-size it in Microsoft Picture Manager then re-upload it.
Many teachers create their own personal pictures using PowerPoint. Click here for instructions on Creating Images in PowerPoint.doc

About Team Pages - one person from each team will need to use their log in to edit the team page.

Notes on using the Blank template option: If you have a personal blog, wiki, TeacherWeb page, etc. - anything with a URL, you can use the "Blank" template to display that page directly from your Dragon Space page. When the template is enabled, the title given to the template will be displayed in the left hand navigation. However, teachers and parents must know how to handle the security messages that will appear when accessing these pages. The messages differ depending on which version of Internet Explorer is being used. Click here for instructions on handling security messages.
If you ever get the message that the page can't be displayed, refresh the page, then reload and choose the opposite option.

Notes on the Assignment template - If you choose to enable the assignments template and enter assignments, those assignments will automatically appear on the calendar template. However, the entry will appear only as "begin assignment" and "end assignment". Students and parents will need to hover over each assignment to view the details.