flock_draw_logo.png is a really cool site that lets up to 10 people work on one drawing at the same time. You do not need to sign up to use FlockDraw...just enter a nickname for yourself, then start drawing.

1. If you do not see the tool bar on the right hand side of the drawing area, use your horizontal scroll bar and scroll to the right until you do. (It also hides the ad on the left.) If you are using a direct link to a flockdraw drawing, use the regular scroll bar. If you are using the embedded version below, the scroll bar will be under the drawing canvas.

2. The default color appears to be black. You can use the paint pallet at the bottom of the tools to choose another color, but you have to go back and choose the tool to use it.

3. You can enter text with the text tool. The text you are typing can be moved to another position until you click your mouse. Once you click, though, you can't move the text. You can erase it though.

4. You can start a drawing yourself and share it for others to add to by giving them the URL for your drawing.

Now, if you are ready to have some fun, enter a nickname in the FlockDraw below then click Login to start drawing. You can also work on this drawing by going to http://flockdraw.com/bhetuy. One word of caution: the only drawback to this tool is that it is intended to be disposable. You can't keep the drawing open like you can a chat in Today'sMeet. As long as someone is working on the drawing at the same time you are, you can see what they are doing and vice versa. When the last person working on the drawing leaves the room, the drawing disappears. That's why you will probably see a blank canvas below. That will not be a problem for students working on a drawing during a class period. They can do a "print screen" and paste their drawing into word or PowerPoint, then use the crop tool on the picture toolbar to crop out everything but the drawing.

I'm not sure who I was working with this afternoon, but here is our picture.