Here are my all-time favorite tools to make your life easier. All are online. All have a free version. Many do not require you to sign up or install anything.

zamzar.pngZamzar is a file conversion and video download/conversion tool. It will convert most file types and is a great way to get your YouTube videos to use at school.

For years I have used a couple of rather expensive programs to capture images, video, and actions from your screen. Jing is free, easy to install and simple to use. Though not necessary, if you do want to step up to the Pro edition, it is quite affordable. Sign-up is quick and enables you to send your screen captures to others via email if you choose. is one cool tool. Instead of giving students 10 (or 5 or 20) web sites to use for research or practice, use to combine them into one short URL that you give to the students. The resulting URL will contain 2 easy navigation methods for students to use to access each of the web sites. Try it!