Check back often. I will be adding templates that your students can use for various projects.

Shapes Picture template

My Shapes Picture (Right-click > save target as) If you do not download, you will see only a blank white slide.
This shapes activity has been used by first graders (modified for other grades) during their geometry unit which usually falls in December or January. It is one slide with about 20 copies of the different shapes to the left. Students use as many shapes as they want to create a picture (holiday?). You can show them how to resize and recolor the shapes. A neat feature of PowerPoint is the ability to make most of the tool bars floating. Click on the paint bucket then click and drag on the top of the color pallette. It can be moved around and the colors are readily available for the students to use. I've shown 1st graders how to do this. They think it is a really cool trick.I'm attaching several docs related to this activity as well as a few samples.
Additional files:
1st grade shapes instructions.doc
Tips for Using Drawing Objects in PowerPoint.doc

Ideas for extending the activity:
1. Students do not put their names on the slides. Print and take back to class where they can write a description using shape names and positional words. Classmates try to identify each others pictures based on the descriptions.
2. Students add a description to the picture (in a text box). I put a blank text box above the slide that they can drag to the slide before adding their description.
3. Save the slides as jpgs to be used in a photo story later. Kiddos can narrate their descriptions.

Class book templates

Here is a template in three versions for creating student pages for a class book presentation. If you want students to print the pages only, delete the navigational arrows on the slides. Note: If you click a template link and get a blank slide, it can be edited by right-clicking on the slide and choosing 'edit slides' which opens up PowerPoint. If you want to download a copy instead right-click on the link > Save Target As and save to your hard drive or network. Don't forget to make them read-only before putting on the server for students to use.

Book Template1 Students will use clip art for their illustrations. Have students click the link to open the template. It will appear as a blank slide. Teach them to right-click on the slide and choose 'edit slide'.
Additional directions for students:
1. Click once in the title box and type your name.
2. Click on the 'insert clip art' icon in the center of the slide. Type a word to search for. Choose a picture you want to insert and click OK. If you want more than one copy of the picture, click it once then press the ctrl key and D key at the same time to duplicate it.
3. Type a sentence, a story, or a description in the bottom text box.
4. Print your slide or save it according to your teacher's directions.

Book Template1 Students will use Paint to create an original drawing for their book page. They save the picture to My Documents (easiest) a shared network folder (more difficult for younger students), then use the Insert Picture tool to place the picture in the center of the slide. They type their name in the title area and type a story or other descriptive response in the text area at the bottom. Students should them save the presentations so that they can be inserted into a class book presentation later and/or they can print their pages for a hard copy book. Note: This can be a 2-day lesson if your classes are short, 1-day if you have students for 55 minutes.
Directions for students after they have created and saved a Paint picture:
1. Click the link once, then right-click and choose 'edit slides'.
2. Click once in the title box and type your name.
3. Click the Insert Image icon to locate and insert your drawing.
4. Click in the text box at the bottom to write your story or description.
5. You can change the color of your page by going to Format – Background and choose a color.

Book Template2 Students create an image while in PowerPoint. With this template the only difference is that the students double-click the rectangle in the center to open a bit map image with paint tools within PowerPoint, eliminating the need to save and insert an image. Student directions are given below, but are also included in the notes area of the slide.
Directions for students:
1.Click once in the title box and type your name.
2.Double-click on the rectangle in the middle. Use the paint tools to create a picture. Click out of the painting to place the picture on your slide.
3.Click in the text box at the bottom to write your story or description.
4.You can change the color of your page by going to Format – Background and choose a color.

Book Template3 This is the same as template 1, but with an empty area in the middle. Students create their drawings in paint, select the entire drawing (Edit - Select All or Ctrl + A) then open the template and Paste the drawing into the middle of the slide before adding their name and story.