Everyone is familiar with Google, Yahoo, and maybe even Bing. But, there are a variety of search engines out there, each with a unique purpose or format. I think you will find that these can help you and your students as they surf the web for information. Each of the links below will take you to a separate web page for more information. Note: For consistency, I used searched for "owls" while trying out most of these search engines.
  • Teachers, please encourage your students to first take advantage of your school's subscription data bases as the first sources to use for research.


Yippi is a simple search engine that categorizes the search results on the left of the search result window. The search can then be narrowed down by clicking on any one of the topics. Check out a sample search for 'butterflies' on the Yippi page.



Twurdy is a new search engine that provides a readability rating for each of the web site results it returns for any query. This is especially helpful for students who often find themselves accessing information on web sites that are much too difficult for their age and/or reading ability.



Sort-Fix is a search engine that narrows the millions of results that might otherwise be returned. It searches as if you are conducting a Boolean search...you just don't have to remember when to add the +signs and -signs to refine the search or figure out which words to include or remove from your search. Click the Sort-Fix page for an example.

audio_owl_logo.pngAudio Owl

AudioOwl.com is a search engine for free online audio books. The books which are in the Public Domain can be downloaded in their entirety to your computer. These are full-length books, so they may take several minutes to download, but they are well worth the wait.


If you like both Google and Bing, you might want to try bingle. Type one search request and you get the results for both search engines side by side.


Google Square Labs

This really cool search engine returns the results in a spreadsheet type format. Take a look at the sample.