Welcome to Brotts Bits and Bytes.

It will always be a work in progress, more so now than ever before. The internet is changing DAILY and I am updating often to share the numerous Web 2.0 teaching and learning resources available today as well as activities I have created. I will be adding resources, tips, ideas, and activities K-6 teachers can use to integrate technology into the core and encore curriculum. I have three main criteria when recommending web sites or tools for the classroom. They must be safe, they must be free or at least very inexpensive and they should not be filtered at school. Free tools often become so popular that the creators begin charging for them, but that usually doesn't happen right away. And by the time it does, another free tool will be available to replace it. If you ever come across something objectionable in a web site that I have recommended, please let me know right away.

If you are looking for a specific resource that was included in this wiki last year, please let me know. I took down many of the PowerPoint presentations due to the Discovery Streaming videos that were included. If you have not been given a pass code to set up your Discovering Streaming (previously known as United Streaming) account, please contact me by email (brotts@cisdmail.com) and I will get that information to you immediately.